Who Are Indie Collective

We are group of experienced sex workers ranging in age, skin colour and body shape. Indie Collective is not an escort agency, we are a peer led collective of friendly and supportive women offering ally-ship and, where required, mentoring and advice. We invite contributions from the sex work community and with this website we hope to both teach and learn.

Indie Collective is a work in progress; over the coming weeks, months and years we plan to add as much useful sex work information as we can. While primarily this website is geared towards sex workers, there will be advice for clients of sex workers too.

We hope to cover a range of topics for both online and offline sex work including but not limited to: outcall escorting, incalls, brothel work, street work, working as a dominatrix or other BDSM provider, succeeding on platforms such as OnlyFans, earning money via webcams, phone sex operators....and so on. We will be relying solely on submissions from the community to grow this knowledgebase.

How Do I Join?

You don't. Just reach out whenever you need some help or advice or you want to offer your knowledge or support. Maybe you just need a buddy to check you in and out of bookings? Or you need some advice on marketing? Perhaps you're really successful in a particular niche and want to share some insight? Indie Collective is about forming bonds with peers, improving industry safety and getting support and a friendly ear in what can be a pretty lonely job.

These is no 'joining fee' to get involved with the Indie Collective and the best place to start is to follow us on Twitter. Our Twitter is group managed by the original founder members, so you will always find someone on hand to help if you send a DM.

What Are Collaborators?

Collaborators are sex workers who have shared their knowledge with the community in blog form, or via an interview which we translate into a blog on their behalf. Original and compelling written or video content please, with a sex worker in mind, to help them succeed or stay safe, on a topic not already covered, or a new spin on that topic.

In return for supporting the Indie Collective project, we link to collaborators from the blog post itself, and offer mutual Twitter promotion. To find out more about becoming a collaborator, please send us a DM on Twitter.

Can Male Escorts Get Involved?

While we value and respect the role of men in our industry, our knowledge and therefore platform will predominantly be aimed towards sex workers who identify as female. However, we do welcome contact and insight from those who identify as non-binary.

How Can Clients Help?

Share our content wide and far, and please visit the links of the sex workers in our escort directory along with our collaborator links in sex worker articles. Share these links and book them too of course!