Are we all nuts? Sex work and mental health.
Are We All Nuts?
Paying Tax as an Escort
Paying Tax as an Escort
Are we all nuts? Sex work and mental health.
Are We All Nuts?
Paying Tax as an Escort
Paying Tax as an Escort

Packing your Escort Bag

What should I pack in my escort bag

Welcome to an insight into what to pack for an outcall booking. This article is aimed towards escorts who are new to outcall bookings, however it might be interesting to the more experienced ladies who just want a peak inside my bag! This list isn’t exhaustive or definitive by any means. It is simply what I like to take along with me. Some items are vital, some less so. Depending on your client base and own preferences, you might not need all the things that I do, or have a few suggestions of your own to add in the comments.

A bit about me: 

My name is Lauren and I have been an outcall escort for 2 years. I would consider myself a ‘GFE’ experience provider. My bookings last for a minimum of 2 hours, but on average last for 3-5 hours. I also do overnight bookings and often travel long distances. 

My client base tend to like me to arrive looking sophisticated but with a hint of sexy, and may want to go for dinner and drinks during the booking as well. With that in mind, these are the basic things that I like to pack. Most of these I can keep in my bag to save time. I have learnt from experience to always check I have everything I need before setting off. So far the worst thing I have forgotten is matching stockings, which is definitely not the end of the world! 

Which bag do I use?

The bag I take to bookings is a plain leather overnight bag that I can carry easily on my shoulder and is supple enough to squash things into. For overnight bookings, I sometimes use a small wheeled suitcase (about the size of carry-on luggage). I stick to plain colours, so it suits what I’m wearing and doesn’t draw attention if I visit a particular hotel again.

What’s in my bag

Condom bag: I prefer to have my condoms in a discreet, opaque bag rather than their original box. This way I can pack a variety of condoms in different sizes and brands (‘trim,’ original and large, with the same options that are latex-free). This is more subtle in the bedroom (and if it should fall out of your bag in the service station or hotel toilets).

This may sound patronising, but condoms are your single most important investment for escorting. Buy brands that work best for you in different sizes (including ‘trim,’ normal and large) and always have a latex free selection as well. Latex allergies can be severe or life-threatening and milder allergies still cause mild to severe discomfort. Repeated exposure to latex also increases your risk of getting a reaction from it yourself. My preferred brand is actually Skyns, which I find is a great latex free option (I’m not sponsored by them FYI)!

I also carry my water-based lubricants in this bag (I like to carry a flavoured and unflavoured option). I don’t always need them, but any dryness when using a condom will cause friction which could break it. This is why I’m always well stocked up on good quality lubricants.

I carry a chlorhexidine-mouthwash in my bag for when I need to freshen up. I don’t buy a fancy brand; supermarket own brands have the same ingredients and work just as well. Chlorhexidine mouthwashes might not have the nicest flavours, however this ingredient is more helpful for fighting germs. Although being clean is super important, l have NOT included a toothbrush, specifically because brushing teeth just before or after oral sex without a condom, can cause tiny abrasions in your gums & leaves you more open to transmission of oral STIs. 

 My ‘escort friendly’ purse:

In my ‘escort’ purse, I don’t carry anything personal such as photos of friends and loved ones, nor any ID or bank cards I won’t need. I do like to have my driving licence and a debit card on my person just in case, however. I don’t rely on the client’s payment on my arrival to get me out of a situation that makes me uncomfortable in any way. I also carry a couple of £10 notes and plenty of change for things like carparking.

The rest of my bag: 

  • Wet wipes, face wipes, or my own clean flannel and perhaps a travel sized fragrance-free wash, to freshen up during a booking, but I avoid using scented wipes or soaps on my genital skin and never perform any kind of ‘douching.’ These things will just disrupt your vaginal pH and flora and can cause issues such as vaginal dryness and bacterial vaginosis (BV). 
  • A note checking pen that’s suitable for the old style paper notes still in circulation as well as the new polymer notes. The best pens I’ve found have been on Amazon, and they’ve been much cheaper too.
  • My work phone and a charger
  • Beppys or similar style of tampon suitable for use during sex when I’m on my period. Again I’ve recently found a much cheaper brand on Amazon that I’ve tried and tested and work just as well. Let me know if you want to know the brand I use!
  • Spare lingerie and stockings. I like to pack mine in an opaque drawstring bag- Honey birdette or Bluebella lingerie sets come with these and are good to use for this. Inside, I keep each set together in clear plastic bags to make it easier and quicker to find and change into
  • Client’s phone number, address or hotel address and room number

A word on COVID:

Remember to take along approved protective face masks for entering hotels for hotel bookings and perhaps a travel friendly hand sanitiser (for hand-use only)! Also remember to remind your client that it is their responsibility to let you know of any COVID related restrictions they have noticed when checking in. 

You need to know in advance if the hotel requires personal details from you, so you can’t simply walk past reception and head to the client’s room. If anyone entering the Lobby is likely to be intercepted for a temperature check or asked whether they’re checking in, it’s wise to have memorised your clients full name and room number and have their phone to hand so you can smoothly say who you’re meeting . Do check the hotel’s website carefully yourself on the day of the booking, as hotel requirements and practices are changing regularly. Check if the car parking needs any payment, and whether you need to give your registration plate details to reception in order not to receive a penalty notice and fine. 


  • Anything your client has requested that you agreed to bring with you (such as a particular outfit or lingerie set)
  • Massage oil (oil-based lubricants and massage oils must be washed off before condom use or they may break the condom)
  • Your own sex toys that you are happy to use
  • Nitrile/latex free gloves (combined with lube) if you prefer to use them for giving or receiving anal (or vaginal) digital penetration. I prefer nitrile gloves as they seem more stretchy and sturdy than latex gloves, but also thinner. These are the type of gloves that doctors and nurses use, so are certainly up to the job in hand (pardon the pun). They’re strictly single use only, so take a few pairs if this is something you like to offer. If you like using gloves (or want to try), Amazon sells big boxes of them
  • A travel sized umbrella (my hair is very unforgiving with rain)
  • A spare envelope for cash in case your client hasn’t put your money in one
  • A hairbrush, hair tie and top up makeup. I’ve often made quite a mess of my hair and face during sex! Great sex often leads to wild hair and makeup, which is fine, until the client decides to head to a bar or restaurant in the middle of a booking. 
  • Comfy shoes to walk in (if you can’t park on-site or if using public transport). Consider your safety walking alone at night. Don’t hesitate to ask the client to escort you safely back to your car, taxi or public transport stop, if there’s any concerns about the area you’re in.
  • Spare heels (if a heel breaks or you have an expensive pair to change into on arrival)
  • I never personally wear knickers, but some of you may want to stash a pair of clean comfy pants to wear home 

Travelling by car: 

  • If travelling to bookings by car, it’s important to keep it well serviced and maintained, particularly if you travel long distances. Your car must always be road legal, with valid MOT and insurance. It’s vital that all lights work properly, and your tyre pressure, oil and windscreen washer levels are checked regularly
  • Invest in breakdown cover, that will at the very least get you home safely
  • Carry an emergency road map in the back of your car, just in case your phone dies and your car doesn’t have SatNav. Keep a spare power cable in your car to charge if there are usb power sockets or think about buying a portable charger or USB adapter you can plug into the cigarette port/power socket 

You may also want to have in your car:

  • Comfy travel clothes for long drives home
  • Travel-friendly snacks and refreshments
  • An even bigger umbrella than the one in your bag!
  • A spare warmer or lighter coat should weather change en route 
  • A spare outfit, in case you soil/damage the outfit for your booking (possibly eating/drinking the aforementioned snacks)! A sleek stretchy dress is always handy for this 

So, there you have it! This is what l carry either in my bag or car. I know a lot of you have your ‘escort bag essentials’ covered already, but I wanted to write this, because when I first started escorting, I was absolutely clueless as to what to take with me; from types of condoms, bringing spare lingerie, and what on earth a Beppy was. It was only through the kindness and support of fellow escorts that I was given this advice, and indeed our very own Amanda Jones was one of the first to take the time to advise me on what I might or might not need. 

I’ve added bits and bobs over time that I like to bring, but without this preliminary advice, I would not have known what to pack. The Indie Collective are happy to try and answer any questions about all manner of things. As fellow sex workers: you’ll never shock us and there’s no such thing as a stupid question in this industry. Between us, we hope our insight can offer some helpful advice wherever possible. 

Please follow us on Twitter @IndieColl and have a read through our previous articles for more advice. Written with all my love and support, Lauren xx 

Photo Credit:
Photo by Caroline Selfors on Unsplash