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Packing your Escort Bag
Paying Tax as an Escort
Paying Tax as an Escort

Protecting Ourselves Financially during Covid

sexworkers protecting themselves financially during covid

Times are tough in the UK because of Covid and as we enter a second wave, many escorts are struggling to stay financially viable. Many are opting for webcam bookings, online subscription sites or transitioning completely to purely online platform, but what happens if you aren’t comfortable going the digital route to strangers ? Maintaining one to one contact with clients can be difficult but not impossible. Escorts can continue to provide a fantastic service (and much needed) service but a little ingenuity is called for. Advertising on platforms that encourage longer term arrangements, touring abroad in Covid safe countries and reaching out to trusted regulars for online only sessions could be a way forward. Ensuring that an escort advertises clearly that her place of work is a Covid ‘safe space’, building a network of in person clients online through social media and changing a working location to a low risk area are other ways to ensure that you can remain financially viable.

As well as changing the way an escort can work, it is also important to ensure that you are protected by getting the boring paperwork covered. If you aren’t registered as self employed, sign up. Ring your bank and ensure you have an insurance policy for rent/ mortgage holidays just in case you can’t make that monthly payment. Only pay for advertising rates on sites that actually bring you bookings. Do you need to pay an accountant or could you do your books yourself? It is so important in these times to have all areas covered so that you can rest easy at night. By thinking a little differently and building a shield around you, as a one to one escort you can still thrive. 

The most important lesson that the recent pandemic give you however, is how to be resilient in the face of adversity. Whichever path you choose, the fact that you are thinking outside the box, making connections and diversifying into other areas, taking a well earned break to collect your thoughts – and doing so with a positive attitude means that you will be ok. It may be an unknown road ahead of you but its how you navigate through, whether slowly and with trepidation or charging through like a stallion, that will help you come out the other end. And that’s why the Indie Collective is such a fantastic resource, because its formed of like-minded escorts and sex workers from all walks of life who, simply put, are there for each other  to see light through the forest trees.

Diana xx

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Diana Bentham
Diana Bentham
Diana Bentham is a London based escort offering incalls in Westminster and outcalls across Zone 1. Visit Diana's website here and don't forget to follow her on Twitter too.

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