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Indie Collective is not a Cheltenham escort agency, we are a group of independent escorts - without managers - who keep 100% of our income.
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Making a Date with a Cheltenham Escort

The escorts on this page are available to meet in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire including Cotswolds, Stroud, Tewkesbury and Cirencester; they can also travel outside of the area to Worcestershire and Herefordshire. The Cheltenham escorts may be available for outcall or incall, please visit their individual websites for more information.

Indie Collective is not a Cheltenham escort agency, we are a group of independent escorts who keep 100% of the fee. To arrange a date with any of the independent Cheltenham escorts shown on this page, you will need to contact them directly.

More About Cheltenham and Gloucestershire

We love Cheltenham and the Cotswolds at Indie Collective. How could we not? It has to be one of the most picturesque areas of the UK, despite some pretty stiff competition the country over.

The overriding architectural style in Cheltenham town centre is Georgian, and before the Georgian times, there wasn't a great deal going on in the town at all. Although a monastery had been founded in the area in the 11th century, Cheltenham kept itself to itself for hundreds of years. That is, until someone discovered a mineral water spring in the 17th century....and oh my God did the Georgians love drinking mineral water! A practice they believed cured all ills. So from the 17th century onwards, Cheltenham became known as a Spa town and rapidly grew in size. You will notice similarities between both Bath and Leamington Spa in terms of building style, and that's because all these towns boomed and blossomed as a result of the Georgian taste for spring water.

The original spring was found in the Montpellier area of Cheltenham, and it is here that you see the Georgian architectural influence the most. Today this area of Cheltenham is beautiful, vibrant and full of bars, restaurants and boutique shops. Two glorious parks sit in the middle of Montpellier, as does the famous Queens Hotel.

Later, around 1825, The Pump Rooms were built in the far Northern end of the town when another spring was discovered. The pump Rooms is flanked by the beautiful Pitville Park and today the building is used as a small music venue with the occasional wedding thrown in for good measure. But in the 18th century, Georgian nobility would travel from all over England to 'take in' water from the spring, followed by some equally important socialising in one of the grand rooms.

Not far from the Pump Rooms you'll find Cheltenham racecourse, and of course, we couldn't write about Cheltenham without mentioning the Cheltenham Festival? Many race meets gather in Cheltenham annually, but the Cheltenham Festival, held around St Patrick's day in March, is the biggest gathering of the horse racing calendar. Punters travel from near and far to have a flutter, drink and turn heads wearing extravagant, flamboyant clothes and hats. Of course, horse racing has its critics, but remains a massive feature of Cheltenham life, with activity that provides a huge financial stimulus to the town. Consequently, you will unlikely find any locals among the critics (though they may moan about the traffic during festival week).

B&Bs, hotels and private rentals get booked up years in advance for the Festival, and people stay all over Gloucestershire, South West and even out to Worcestershire and Herefordshire to travel to the Cheltenham each day to watch the horses. If you are planning to attend, we highly recommend making your plans as early as you can.

There is so much more to say and write about the town other than water and horses, but alas we have run out of time and space. In summary, Cheltenham is and ideal and beautiful place to meet with the independent escort of your dreams. Do check out some of the wonderful women above, and get in touch with your favourite to arrange the dalliance of a life time.