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Avoiding Burnout as an Independent Escort

Avoiding Burnout as an Independent Escort

Leading a double life can be equally exciting and exhausting. It’s often fun going on dates and meeting new people however juggling seeing clients with other commitments plus making time for yourself can take it’s toll.  Personally, I love working independently but there is a lot of time consuming work […]
Working as a Mature Escort

The Mature Provider

Happily for women seeking a male partner (or client base), men love us in all shapes and sizes, so regardless of looks, there’s usually someone for everyone; but what about age? If we were to believe commonly held wisdom, women are apparently most desirable during their childbearing years of 17 […]
What should I pack in my escort bag

Packing your Escort Bag

Welcome to an insight into what to pack for an outcall booking. This article is aimed towards escorts who are new to outcall bookings, however it might be interesting to the more experienced ladies who just want a peak inside my bag! This list isn’t exhaustive or definitive by any means. […]