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Where's Wally?

Say My Name – The Dangers of the Hotel Lobby

For any providers, heading out to meet a stranger for a hot date was always going to be fraught with risk and the possibility of things going awry. Sometimes to hilarious effect, and sometimes dangerously so. Vigilant screening aside, it is vital for ladies to take extra care when meeting […]
Avoiding Burnout as an Independent Escort

Avoiding Burnout as an Independent Escort

Leading a double life can be equally exciting and exhausting. It’s often fun going on dates and meeting new people however juggling seeing clients with other commitments plus making time for yourself can take it’s toll.  Personally, I love working independently but there is a lot of time consuming work […]
Advertising websites for UK independent escorts

Advertising Websites for UK Escorts

In 2020 I was presented with the task of building a website for my new independent business plus websites for my colleagues, and I hadn’t done anything like that since…well….many years previous! One thing that struck me is how much crap is in the Google results now for escort searches, […]
Working as a Mature Escort

The Mature Provider

Happily for women seeking a male partner (or client base), men love us in all shapes and sizes, so regardless of looks, there’s usually someone for everyone; but what about age? If we were to believe commonly held wisdom, women are apparently most desirable during their childbearing years of 17 […]
Paying Tax as an Escort

Paying Tax as an Escort

As with any self employed business, it’s a really good habit to keep on top of your finances while working as an escort. This may sound daunting, but it’s much less stressful when you are organised. I’m going to talk through tips and advice on where to start and how […]
sexworkers protecting themselves financially during covid

Protecting Ourselves Financially during Covid

Times are tough in the UK because of Covid and as we enter a second wave, many escorts are struggling to stay financially viable. Many are opting for webcam bookings, online subscription sites or transitioning completely to purely online platform, but what happens if you aren’t comfortable going the digital […]
What should I pack in my escort bag

Packing your Escort Bag

Welcome to an insight into what to pack for an outcall booking. This article is aimed towards escorts who are new to outcall bookings, however it might be interesting to the more experienced ladies who just want a peak inside my bag! This list isn’t exhaustive or definitive by any means. […]
Are we all nuts? Sex work and mental health.

Are We All Nuts?

Sex workers and mental health.Not a scholarly article, musings of a mere mortal. A common misconception is that sex workers have worse mental health than the next person. This is not true in my experience. The demographic of the sex worker counts to the general mental health just the same […]
Outcall Escort's Guide to Making Bookings

An Outcall Escort’s Guide to Arranging Bookings

PRE-BOOKING: So you’ve made contact with your client, they have provided you with a location, start time and told you the length of booking. Excellent! It doesn’t have to be scary to ask for ID or to expect good process in receiving funds for your time. I recommend you provide […]
Sex Work & Sexual Health

Sex Work and Sexual Health

This blog is written by a sex worker and former sexual health practitioner. The opinions within do not replace advice given to you by your own sexual health clinic. As the term sex work is so broad, this first blog will focus on sex workers who provide full contact sexual services, […]